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The runs we score

Whether it's helping a community rebuild its baseball diamond, or providing scholarships to promising future major leaguers, partnering with Puerto Rico municipalities to strengthen their minor-league teams, or even producing films on the history of Puerto Rican baseball, we're always aiming for the fence to usher in a new glorious era in Puerto Rican baseball.

Support Initiatives

As a new organization launched in late 2022, Heading for Home Foundation is just getting started in its support of multiple leagues, communities, players and coaches around the island. We're working with a group of baseball luminaries and a team of avid supporters to strengthen the island's baseball infrastructure from San Juan to Ponce and Fajardo to Mayaguez: leagues, parks, academies and more. Call or write to learn more and discuss how you can become involved in the crusade.


There is no way to know how far Puerto Rican baseball can go unless we first know how high it has risen. That is why the Heading for Home Foundation is proud to announce the release of the full-length documentary Béisbol: The Legends of Puerto Rico, the deepest look ever made into the former glory of the sport on the island. Directed by filmmaker Reid Wittman, Béisbol features exclusive interviews and footage of some of the island's greatest stars, as they discuss baseball's ascendancy in Puerto Rico starting with the Negro League more than a century ago. It is Part I of a multi-part series, the second installment due out in 2023, to chronicle the sport's more recent history.

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Puerto Rico Baseball
Hall of Fame

One of our missions is to help more local players reach and thrive in Major League Baseball, where the world's very best dream of playing. So many have, in fact, that the Heading for Home Foundation seeks to be a leading sponsor of the Puerto Rico Baseball Hall of Fame. We envision enshrining such Puerto Rican legends as Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda, Roberto Alomar, Carlos Delgado, Juan "Igor" González, Iván Rodríguez, and so many others, all deserving of exaltation in the new Puerto Rico Baseball Hall of Fame.

Ya sea ayudando a una comunidad a reconstruir su diamante de béisbol o proporcionando becas a futuros jugadores prometedores de las Grandes Ligas...

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