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For the passion of the game

It is a sport of heart-stopping moments, and that's why we can't get enough of it. Right before the windup and big pitch. As the outfielder leaps over the fence to steal that homerun. The diving catch that takes the third baseman into foul territory, only to see him get up and fire a bullet to first. Or the cannon throw by the right fielder as the runner is heading for home. Safe! Game over! 

Playing the Long Game

When we say we want to return Puerto Rican baseball to its former glory, we realize it is a long journey. It's like baseball itself; you never know how many innings it will take to win. We may go into extra innings! It will take stamina, great timing and the right strategy, and that's what we're all about. Because this is even bigger than the former glory. Our aim is total-population buy-in, and top-player achievement.


The Heading for Home Foundation is led by two legends of Puerto Rican (and Dominican) baseball, our co-executive directors Lino Rivera and Gil Martínez. . Lino and Gil have long collaborated with Foundation founder and chairman Thomas Axon, who founded several companies in New Jersey before moving to Puerto Rico and becoming a resident in 2019. 

Tom Axon 


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